Psychosynth screenshot

GNU Psychosynth

A framework for the development of modular, interactive and collaborative synthesisers targeted at live music performance. It won the Spanish Inter-University Free Software contest in 2008. Written in 2007 onwards.

Overdose screenshot


A 3D game were you are a ruined trader who chooses to end his life by taking as much drug as he can — if the dealers and cops let you! Written in 2008 for a university course in computer graphics with its own engine on top of SDL.

Mixxx screenshot


Mixxx is a professional DJ software. I am mostly a user, but since 2010 I have made a couple of patches and maintain the JavaScript MIDI mapping for the M-Audio Xponent controller.

Noxim 3D

Noxim 3D is a modification of the Noxim Network-on-Chip simulator to support 3D networks. It can simulate several routing algorithms and the TSV disposition is fully configurable. I wrote it in 2010 in the University of Turku under the supervision of Alexander Yin.

MPI algorithms

Some algorithms implemented using MPI and C++. Some of them, like branch and bound-based, are implemented generically such that new algorithms require minimal effort in filling the apropiate hooks. Written in 2010 for a university course in parallel programming.

Yet Another Neural Network

A program that executes layered neural networks. It uses a pipelined multi-threaded evaluation algorithm that is described in its documentation. Written in 2008 for a university course in computation models.

PLIS compiler

Compiler of my own languge with C-like semantics but maybe shorter syntax. Written in 2007 as part of a course in computer organisation in the University of Granada.

GNU Jump screenshot

GNU Jump

Since 2005, when I had too much free time at high school, I develop and maintain this simple yet addictive arcade game were one should jump ad-nauseum to survive.

GNU PDF logo


Since 2006 I occasionally contribute to the GNU PDF project. My greater contributions are in the filters subsystem. It is a FSF high priority project so you are very welcomed to join.

PC speaker player

This includes two tools for playing music on the PC speaker: a MS-DOS raw audio file player with filters and FX, and a Linux 2.6 OSS driver that exposes the PC speaker as an audio interface. Developed in 2008 for a course in computer organization.

Mail Crawl

A multi-threaded web crawler that finds email addresses on the web. You may give it a list of root web pages and it will follow links dumping all unique email address it finds. Written in 2007 as part of a course in formal languages in University of Granada.

GL Morph screenshot

GL Morph

A simple program for doing grid-based morphing transformation written in 2006. It includes a grid editor and an animation player.

Luciferino screenshot


In 2003-2006 I developed this aim-and-shoot sidescroller game engine. It was never fully completed, but its core was reused to later write GNU Jump.

GFits screenshot

Advanced Python Course

A course in advanced Python targeted at astrophysics programmers that I held in 2011 at the IAA. It included OO and functional programming, metaprogramming, GTK, library interfacing, TTD, Django and others.

Pigeoncide screenshot


A game written in 2010 with Alberto Villegas Erce and others in the University of Turku were one is a crazy kill convinced to massively extermine pigeons. The game features cool flockin AI and is looking for a 3D designer.

Jagsat screenshot

Code of Greed

A computer based Risk implementation featuring a novel touchable interface. Written in 2010 under the supervision of the TribeFlame game company in the University of Turku.

Yet Another Auction System

An online auction system written in Django for a course on web system development in the University of Turku in 2010. It lacks a proper payment system but features a multi-format REST interface among some other cool features.

Member Manager

A program for the management of the members of an organisation. Features a GTK UI and multiple database systems support. Written in 2008.


Cryptographic algorithms

Wide collection of cryptographic and modular arithmetic programs written in 2011 for a course in cryptography in the University of Granada. It includes high performant symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic programs, hashes, among other things.

Hmech screenshot


Artificial intelligence for the Battletech board game, the virtual board where it runs can be downloaded here. It includes a 60 pages document describing its inner algorithms. Written in 2009 for a course in knowledge modelling in the University of Granada.

Hform screenshot


A tool for evaluating and simplifying predicate logic expressions. Includes a GTK user interface. Written in 2009 for a course in lambda calculus held in the University of Granada.

Jsxaal screenshot

CVG Moodle plug-ins

Collection of Moodle plug-ins that were developed as a couple of internships in the University of Granada between 2009 and 2011 to adapt it to our specific needs. They might be useful to some other Computer Science departments.

¡Mete tu palabra en el diccionario!

Automated XSS exploit of the official Spanish dictionary to simulate user given definitions of non existant words. I notified the bug to the dictionary maintainers and it no longer works.

Concurrent traffic simulator screenshot

Concurrent traffic simulator

A traffic jam simulator. Introduces non-determinism by running each car in a separate thread and the road topology is driven by an extensible framework. Written in 2009 for a course in concurrent programming.

JPoker screenshot


A poker program with a SWT UI and a simple aritificial intelligence. Written in 2008 for a course in object oriented programming.


A clone of the Last.fm site. It uses servlets and its own dispatching and DOM manipulation framework. The application itself was never fully finished.

x86 ASM
ASM Paint screenshot

ASM Paint

A command based drawing application with support for script based animations. Written in 2007 as part of a course on computer organization. It uses its own thin wrapper over SDL to interface with the graphic hardware.


Artificial vision toolkit

An image processing and artificial vision toolkit with an user interface. It includes several algorithms, including border and corner detection and block matching. Written in 2011 in a course in models of artificial intelligence.